6 de decembro de 2012

Notes from Battersea: Benfica Restaurant

Photo: Benfica Restaurante website
During my stay at London I'm of course trying to take a sip of all the neighbourhoods around the city. It's not easy though, as I'm here for work, not in a Discovery Channel documentary. Nevertheless, sometimes you get in contact with a place without a previous intention to do it.

Yesterday the best football team ever, Barça, played against Benfica de Lisboa at the Champions League. So my portuguese colleague and I decided to go to the socalled Benfica Restaurant to watch the match and have dinner.

Benfica Restaurant is a black and red painted restaurant at the Brent Borough, next to Kensal Green Station (Bakerloo Line) , where a lot of portuguese live. The meal (grilled pork in our case) was pretty good and not very expensive. The waiter there (the only one in the restaurant) was very nice and the environment was fully portuguese, even north-portuguese-galician like ;) . And it happened to be a good way to practise my galician-portuguese with some of the Benfica supporters.

Finally, they drew 0-0 and Benfica won't continue its way through the Champions League, but at least we might visit again the Restaurant to follow its evolution at the Europa League.

So, if you want a portuguese experience at London, Benfica Restaurant can be your option.

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