19 de outubro de 2012

14+1 reasons to support the Alternativa Galega de Esquerda

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 (Sorry for my poor english)

1. Because I believe that people from AGE will do what they announce: to be a tool of the citizenship, social movements, platfforms, trade unions and associations that are formulating alternatives to the austericide. Things will change soon if such alternatives are listened at the Parliament.

2. Because we need a galician equivalent (not a copy) of Mònica Oltra: the 1% that are swindleing galician people out must have nightmares with a member of the parliament telling them the truth.

3. Because the complex and rich galician identity is really present in the AGE.

4. Because in order to go beyond the collapse of both the economy and the planet we must start now all together to build a fair society.

5. Because Manuel Rivas gives support to the Alternativa. It can't be a coincidence.

6. Because the economic proposals from AGE are essentially the same than the proposals by the great critical economist Vicenç Navarro.

7. Because it's necessary to open the windows and let the air breath inside the Parliament, increasing its plurality.

8. Because the 2.0 version of Beiras has improved its original version, when some kids listened to him at the meetings.

9. Because people from Anova and Esquerda Unida have proved to have open eyes and open mouths to the social and political activation that is now taking place, with the shape of  new mutant and liquid social movements. The Alternativa Galega shall be hard and flexible at the same time.

10. Because the updating in shape and essence, the cooperative will, is present, in part thanks to the Espazo Ecosocialista.

11. Because Manuel Dios, the president of the Seminario Galego para a Paz is inside the Alternativa.

12. Because people from BNG will activate their best will and their best work when they see that we can better govern the country all together, arms together inside the extense and varied 99% society.

13. Because I want La Voz de Galicia to fail in its effort to give chance to AGE in order to maintain the PP majority. They must receive a more demanding and critical society, a society against the privilege of the big news corporations.

14. The uncucumbering reason: Why? Because. Because I like it, because I want it, yes, because I feel it inside.

+1. Manifest of the cultural workers supporting the Alternativa Galega de Esquerda.

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