18 de decembro de 2017

My electoral campaign: ditch fear

My electoral campaign: ditch fear.
Crumbs no longer feed us,
now we want the whole leaf of bread.
We have a future, we remember
We have fire in our hands to weave story
Our hands show a long way
Living means taking sides.
We don't want smoke, we don't want shortcuts.
We are not here to fly flags.
We count on you, you can't let us down.
A day "one" to start again.
Seafarers, river people, mountain people.
We will have it all and we will talk about life.
We are going far, there will be plenty of us.
Pushing forward. Who sows rebellion, reaps freedom.
Do no let the fear win.
Tomorrow is ours today.
You and I, taking the horizon.

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